Significance Of Hand Held Power Tools In Construction

The process of building and construction has really evolved greatly after the introduction of hand held power tools. Even the uk construction training manuals today, place lot of emphasis on using hand held power tools because these tools help workers finish their job a lot faster than manual cutting tools. And clearly, saving time is directly related to saving money. So, using hand held power tools in construction business is clearly a smart move, which most construction companies in the UK are doing at present. 

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As far as understanding the type of hand held power tools in construction is concerned, they primarily fall into 4 major categories, i.e. Drills, Saws, Grinders and Pneumatic Tools. Let's have a look at these categories below...   

1) Drills:

Drills are pistol-shaped rotary tools fitted with electric motors. They drill holes and drive screws in wood, metal, and cement. Most commonly used drills include... a. Cordless drills: They are battery-powered and great for all construction projects like building a deck.b. Hammer drills: They are ideal for working with concrete because they can take a lot of pressure.c. Impact drivers: They are used to quickly drill large screws or bolts into materials.

2) Saws:

Saws are primarily used to cut thick materials. Their circular motion ensures a faster and cleaner cut. Most commonly used saws are...  a. Band saws: They are ideal for cutting pipes and odd-shaped materials. b. Skill saws: They are ideal for making straight, deep cuts in thick lumber. c. Radial arm saws: Mounted over a tabletop, they are ideal for cutting materials on an angle.d. Reciprocating saws: They use a push-pull movement with the blade to cut through materials. 

3) Grinders:

Grinders have horizontally fitted circular blades to cut, sand and polish materials like tile, metal and stone. Most commonly used Grinders are...   a. Floor grinders: They are used for polishing tiles and concrete and removing paint or polish.b. Angle grinders: They are used to cut through metal, concrete and even cast iron. 

4) Pneumatic tools:

Pneumatic tools are widely used in construction projects. They include...   a. Air compressors: They come in various sizes, depending primarily on the type of tools they are powering. b. Belt sanders: They're normally used for rough sanding of wood surfaces, and are able to cover a large area in a relatively short period of time.c. Oscillating tools: These tools come with over 100 attachment options. They are used to sand, grind, cut and polish surfaces.d. Impact wrenches: These tools are ideal for driving screws and bolts to tighten or take out fasteners. Since the high air pressure gives them high torque, so these tools are ideal for handling high volume jobs.e. Wall chasers: They are primarily used in plumbing and masonry jobs, like cutting a channel into brick or concrete to install plumbing pipes.f. Heat guns: They are multipurpose tools that use hot air to bend materials. They are used to strip paint from surfaces, bend plastic and also thaw frozen pipes.