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Power Hacksaw Blades
Bimetal High Speed Steel
Are flexible, tough power hacksaw blade of bimetal material, with a toothed strip of high speed steel and a backing strip of spring steel that are able to withstand heavy feed pressures, giving economical and high cutting rates. These bimetal high speed steel edge blades are the best for tough materials and conditions of all types. The cutting edge of high speed steel gives them unparalleled cutting efficiency and the tough alloy steel back resists breakage when used under less than ideal conditions. Blades will handle irregular shapes and interrupted cuts with ease.
All Hard Super High Speed Steel
Hacksaws are manufactured from the highest quality grade of High Speed Steel, each blade is precisely hardened throughout its entire width to give a strong, rigid back, ensuring a perfectly straight cut time after time. It is recommended to be used for high production applications or use on difficult to cut sections and hard materials. These solid high speed steel blades will withstand heavier feed pressure for faster, better cutting than other types of hacksaw blades. These blades are ideal for long wear life and top performance in sawing a wide range of materials.
All Hard High Speed Steel
Are traditional High Speed Steel all hard power hacksaw blade having a fully hardened back and cutting edge. Their unique tooth profile, precise teeth setting along with an advanced heat treatment ensure a high level of quality. These are well suited for cutting most materials such as a bar, tube, rolled sections, etc.
All Hard Carbon Steel
Are high carbon steel all purpose blades suitable for cutting soft materials like aluminium, copper and mild steel.
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